About TPN

The Triton Parent Network the brain child of  the APP2 parent group.  Triton Parent Network is a forum created to increase parent to parent communication, specificity with focus on the College Preparation Process.  It is an online community for parents to share ideas and learn from each other.


This is intended to be a positive place for parents to share information, ideas, problem solving, articles and the like.  No profanity.  No naming names.  No personally directed negative commentary.  This is not an anonymous forum.   All content is monitored, all content not following guidelines will be removed.

I have a great article and I would like to share it with the group.   How do I do that? OR how can I make a post/comment or question to a group?

You must first join the group where you wish to post the content, then you will be able to post the content to that group.

How do I receive content information from the parent network?  Join as many groups as you like and you will receive emails when there is new content posted to that board.

What if I don’t want to receive so many email posts?  You may adjust the frequency with which you get receive email notifications  ranging from every post to none OR opt out of receiving information from groups you do not want to receive content from any longer.

If you have a personal issue, please address it with the appropriate faculty or staff of Notre Dame Academy.

GROUP:  You have to be in Group to post something.

ACTIVITY:  Site wide activity, shows any and all activity that has been posted on the site.

EVENTS:  Area is a side bar on every page.